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Monday, May 02, 2005


Further deterioration of Hannity & Colmes

Tonight OVER A HALF-HOUR was devoted to Hannity's "exclusive" interview with the groom and father of the runaway bride. I thought Hannity & Colmes was a political debate show? OK, this story has human interest, but OVER A HALF-HOUR? It's pretty obvious -- anything the program -- and Fox -- can do to detract its audience from the real issues -- Iraq, social security, medical care, extreme right-wing Christian belligerence -- will be done in a heartbeat. And to top it all off, near the end of the "interview," the groom revealed that his bride was still a virgin, she was waiting until marriage. A perfect Foxian morality kicker. And where is that bum Alan Colmes during all this? I guess playing with himself for the half-hour.


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